I really believe that the Xbox 360 is such a strong gaming system because of the community that is built around the Xbox LIVE service. It gives you the opportunity to play games online with or against millions of other people. But understandably people have found ways to circumvent the system to collect an unreasonable number of achievements.

StripClubDj was previously number one in the world for having the highest Gamerscore, which increases as you earn more achievements. Out of the 196 games played there were over 137,000 points that could be earned. More than 122,000 of those points were racked up resulting in an 88% completion rate with most of the games being tagged as fully completed.

As it turns out, and as many expected, StripClubDj wasn’t playing fairly. Microsoft has issued a punishment to that user and any other members who they believe are cheating. This is what they’ll find on their account now:

  • Their gamerscore reset to zero
  • Be unable to regain all previously earned achievements
  • Be labeled as a “cheater” for the community to view

Yep, the account has essentially been reset and labeled as a cheater. But to ensure the cheaters don’t try and recover the unfairly acquired achievement points Microsoft is making it impossible to regain past achievements. StripClubDj’s profile on Xbox.com, which you have to be a member to view, now looks like this:

xbox 360 stripclubdj

So why would Microsoft go this route instead of just banning the user? Here’s their reasoning:

We believe in players reforming themselves, which is why gamerscore correction only applies to previously earned achievements.  This allows these players to earn achievements like other “fair” players without having to get banned from LIVE.  However, any user who violates the LIVE Terms of Use is subject to having their gamertag banned.

That’s one small step for gamers, and one giant kick in the butt for cheaters!

Xbox Gamerscore Cheating [via Major Nelson & Digg]