Microsoft Starts Offering Virtual PC 2004 For Free

Microsoft has done something that they do not do very often…they are giving away software! Virtual PC 2004 is the freebie which allows you to run other operating systems without the need to partition your hard drive. Virtual PC 2004 can run in Windows XP/2000 and here is a list of operating systems it supports:

Virtual PC 2004 Compatibility Chart

So if you are like me then the first thought that popped into your head is how old this software is. I figured that is why they are giving it out for free, but after reading further Microsoft said “Microsoft is also offering the free download of Virtual PC 2007, with support for Windows Vista in 2007.” I have to admit that I am thoroughly impressed!

I am not quite sure how this will affect the virtual PC market that VMware currently holds, but I am sure that it won’t help any. The one thing that Microsoft probably won’t be able to do is make Virtual PC compatible with Linux. VMware will probably still hold that crown.