MicrosoftMicrosoft has another lawsuit headed their way, this time from disgruntled customers who purchased computers before Windows Vista was released, and were promised that their new computers would be Vista compatible once it became available.

The lawsuit claims that Microsoft was deceptive by allowing PC makers to promote hardware as Vista Capable. PC makers placed stickers on computers stating this, despite the fact that many of them only had the capability to run the most basic version of Windows Vista that has very few features.

Many of the computers have no chance of running Home Premium where some of Vista’s best features are introduced.Those same features are the ones that Microsoft has used to market Vista, like the Aero Interface.

When Microsoft was asked about this, their spokesman Jack Evans said that Microsoft “conducted a broad effort to educate computer manufacturers, retailers and consumers about the hardware requirements to run different versions of Windows Vista.”

According to Computer World, the program that Microsoft put into place to educate retailers, consumers, and computer manufacturers was will documented and will be presented in court in their defense. They’re essentially saying, Microsoft is not at fault, it is the retailers and manufacturers that are to blame for this.