Microsoft has announced today that five Sheraton hotel locations around the United States will be sporting the Surface computer. Each unit has been customized to offer entertainment and information about the local area, including satellite maps that make it easier getting from the hotel to your destination. All of this is done on the 30-inch digital table.

Just last week we got your hopes up of being able to purchase your own $12,500 Surface, but it didn’t take long for Microsoft to pull down the order form. I’m sure what Sheraton had to pay was significantly more than that since they had the software tailored to their needs, much like AT&T.

What’s the Surface capable of at a hotel? Think of it as a virtual concierge combined with a jukebox:

  • CityTips. At the guests’ fingertips are the Surface 360-degree satellite maps and tools to search for local restaurants and bars, entertainment, recreation, shopping, transportation and services, such as banks and pharmacies. Guests can discover all a city has to offer by simply moving their hands across Surface.
  • Sounds of Sheraton. Microsoft Surface also serves as a lobby-based digital jukebox, enabling guests to create personal music playlists by choosing selections from Sheraton’s exclusive offering of Sony BMG artists, including John Legend, Kenny Chesney and Lauryn Hill.
  • Sheraton Snapshots. Guests can explore Sheraton hotels and resorts throughout the world by simply browsing the Surface photo library of Sheraton resorts and hotel properties to help them plan for future business or leisure travel.

Unfortunately the Surface is only appearing at 5 Sheraton hotels, and I’d imagine that once people realize it’s available it will be hard to get some Surface time. If you still want to try and play around with it these are the five hotels you’ll want to target:

  • Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers – 811 7th Ave. 53rd St., New York
  • Sheraton Boston Hotel – 39 Dalton St., Boston
  • Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers – 301 East North Water St., Chicago
  • Sheraton Seattle Hotel – 1400 6th Ave., Seattle
  • Sheraton Gateway San Francisco Airport Hotel – 600 Airport Blvd., Burlingame

I have to admit that Microsoft appears to be on the right track with the Surface. Once the price starts to come down I’m sure these things will be all over the place.

Here’s an “ad” for the Surface in Sheraton hotels:

Full Press Release [via Engadget]