If any of you were beta testers for Windows Live Hotmail, did you get your gift yesterday? I’m not writing this for the sake of it being news, but more for the sake of how cheesy it actually is. I think they meant well, but a Beta Badge? Maybe I’m under-estimating the power of a badge. The subject was “A Big Thank-you” and when I opened it up, it said “It’s our launch party but you get the presents!” Below is what the offers were:


When I saw the “Great Windows Vista Offer” I thought that maybe they were offering a coupon, which would have nice gesture from Microsoft. Maybe $25 or $50 off the purchase of Vista? However, the offer was only good for $100 off a Gateway computer with Vista Ultimate on it, or 4 free accessories with the purchase of a custom built PC.

Beta Badges aside, this must mean that Windows Live Hotmail will be making its way out of beta soon.