Microsoft CES 2007 The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is scheduled for January 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada (United States) to showcase new products and innovations. Microsoft is always one of the attendees so they thought this time that they would make us hold our breath a little longer.

In a guide that they are sending out to attendees of the show there is an ad for Microsoft and it says “All together now. Announcing a new way to share, protect, and store what matters most.Robert McLaws from Windows Now suggests that this could be the Windows Live Drive file storage that we have all been waiting for. I think that is a possibility but my guess is that they are going to officially launch the new email service and open it up to the world. It has been a long time coming, and since CES is just a few weeks away I believe that the timing is just right. After all, email is probably one of the most important things for a lot of people, right?

So what else matters the most to you? I have been trying to sit here and brainstorm and the list that keeps running through my head is documents, email, photos, and settings/preferences in applications. I guess they could launch some sort of photo service because they don’t have one, do they? Looking back it is hard for me to believe that all of these other companies (Yahoo!, Google, etc…) all have photo services but Microsoft is kinda behind the times. Also, I mentioned that my settings were important to me and it would be really nice if they figured out some way to save my Windows settings online so that I can pickup where I left off on nearly any computer. I think that is a bit more of a stretch though.

Can you think of any other ideas?

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  1. I have 16 GB of music files. I would hate to loose those however, the vast amount of pictures that I have taken over the last couple of years are probably more important than all other files I have.

  2. I considered some sort of music hosting service but that would just be a magnet for lawsuits from recording companies.

  3. I sure hope they meant Live Drive – maybe Google will try and preempt them now! Yes, I’m an optimist! :D

  4. Nosh wrote:
    maybe Google will try and preempt them now!

    I have to admit that was my exact thought process…but there I think Google has kept way too quiet on the whole thing. I would think that if it was nearing release we would have seen some leaked screenshots, but hopefully I am completely wrong and they will release it soon. I’ll be an optimist with you Nosh! :D

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