Microsoft Office 2007 Logo ActiveWin posted some information today that was made available on Microsoft Connect regarding the future availability of Office 2007 Beta 2. According to the information Microsoft will stop offering the downloads on October 25 as they prepare to send Office 2007 to the manufacturer to be chiseled onto CD’s for its January release.

Here is some more information that was provided:

We are thrilled with the incredible excitement around the upcoming 2007 Microsoft Office system as is evident by over 3 million people installing the Beta 2 and later Beta2TR builds. With your help, we have far exceeded our technical participation goals. At this time, we are pleased to announce that the 2007 Office system will be released to manufacturing (RTM) in the next few weeks. We thank you for your participation in the planning, development, and testing of this new release. As we approach the end of the beta testing phase of Office 2007, we would like to make you aware of several upcoming events that will affect you.

  • On October 25, the Office Preview site will be closed down. Since this is the home of all Beta2TR product downloads, you will not be able to download Beta2TR after 10/25. All other information currently found on the Office Preview site will be migrated to the Office Online website (accessible via online help from within Office 2007 applications). This includes the FAQ, Product Guide, Top 10, Overview, the Demo tab, the New UI tab for programs, and other related information.
  • Will there be a release candidate or other beta release beyond Beta2TR?
    No. We are not planning to make any further builds available to technical beta testers. Office 2007 products will be available in retail channels early next year. The Beta2TR build is set to expire on March 15, 2007 for all client products and May 31, 2007 for all server products. This should allow you to use Beta2TR until you can upgrade to the retail version.
  • Will I receive a free copy of 2007 Office system products?
    Copies of 2007 Office system final product are not automatically distributed to all participants at the end of the Technical Beta. This program has been a volunteer effort by participants for the mutual benefit of you/your organization and the Microsoft Office team to enable feedback on your testing of ‘real world’ usage scenarios, and improvement of the final product quality for all Office users.

So there you have it…no free version for us. I knew that Microsoft wasn’t going to be giving out free copies of Office 2007 just because you participated in the testing process but that would be pretty cool. I guess the current version that I am running is good until March 15, 2007 so I can get by for a little while.

Download Office 2007 while you still can.