Microsoft To Stop Offering Windows Vista Beta 2 Tomorrow

Not many people realized this but Microsoft has limited the number of downloads for Vista Beta 2 and the limit has almost been reached. Here is what the Microsoft blogger had to say about it:

In case you weren’t aware, we are only providing a limited number of copies of Windows Vista Beta 2–either download or physical copies–and we’re fast approaching the cutoff point. What this means is–if you want to get a copy, get it now (and I mean now).

What he also mentioned was that you need to download Beta 2 and activate it to make sure you are a tester for Vista RC1 when it is released in the coming months. If you have been holding off on downloading it then you better do it soon because tomorrow (Friday) is approaching quickly!

The Microsoft blogger said that the Office 2007 team has had similar thoughts about breaking access to the download but they are going to hold off for the time being.

News Source: CNet