WindowsvistaBack in January, Microsoft updated their support schedule for Windows XP which now gives users extended support until April 2014. As it stands, this makes support available to XP users for two years after Windows Vista Ultimate, Home Premium, and Home Basic users which hardly makes sense!

Right now on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site, they list Windows Vista Ultimate with support until 2012 with no extended support offered.This could mean a few things.  First, it could simply be a mistake that has yet to be corrected ( I doubt it).  Secondly, this tells us that we’ll at least have a new operating system out from Microsoft by then.

If this is by chance no mistake, consumers, particularly small businesses will definitely need to think twice about whether or not they want to make the upgrade. As Microsoft Watch points out:

“The limited support option creates potential problems for smaller businesses looking for improved security. BitLocker encryption technology is only available in two Vista editions: Enterprise and Ultimate. However, Enterprise is only available through volume licensing, a purchasing option not used by many smaller businesses.”

The only two Vista options with extended support until 2017 are the Business, and Enterprise editions. With Microsoft talking up Ultimate as the best Vista experience, I’m surprised they’re not offering extended support to make the purchase worth it.