Apple has started a trend with their Get A Mac ads. They are 30–second clips that leave people thinking about the benefits of owning an Apple computer. The main reason that many of the ads are memorable is because of the humor used to portray the different features that Macs have. Of course, the jokes come at the expense of Windows PC’s.

To go along with Microsoft’s new Windows Live Hotmail there is a marketing campaign similar to Apple’s. They may not seem similar in terms of content, but the underlying tactics are remarkably similar. Microsoft is using four quick 30–second videos that each demonstrate just one feature of Windows Live Hotmail. If they tried to put too many features into each video the people watching would never remember them. Sounds a lot like Apple’s videos to me.

To watch the campaign yourself just go to, or I have posted all four videos below for you to watch (the first one is my favorite):

Suspicious Male

Preview Pane

Drag and Drop

Hot Male