The last time that we received any physical type of viral marketing materials from Microsoft was back in early 2007 when Microsoft sent bloggers and other members of the media a little box. Some of you may remember this. The box was a puzzle in itself to get open, but once we got it open, we found a slim 256mb USB drive that had a video and a cipher key. We used both to get involved in Microsoft’s Vanishing Point Game. This game ended up being a marketing scheme used to promote Windows Vista, which at the time, hadn’t launched yet.

Microsoft must be at it again, sending out viral marketing materials because Gizmodo reported that they received a rather interesting package in the mail. We haven’t received anything yet, and we don’t know if we will, so below, take a look at what Gizmodo received:

emergency accident kit.png

Get it? Someone in the Microsoft marketing department had a sense of humor when they decided to put this “Internet Slicing Emergency Accident Kit” together. For those of you that don’t know, “Web Slices” is a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, hence the reason it’s a “Slicing Emergency Accident Kit.” Web slices allow users to easily keep up with the sites they visit most, right from the Favorites Bar. If one of the pages you have “sliced” updates, it will be highlighted in your favorite bar. From there you can click on it to get a preview of the page, or click on the preview to be taken directly to the site.

The emergency kit you see above was packed full of band-aids and other typical first-aid supplies. While it’s just a plastic box with some supplies in it, it’s getting people to talk about Internet Explorer 8 and the Web Slices feature.