The latest rumor and speculation around the Internet regarding the Xbox 360 is that Microsoft is developing a “Wiimote” like controller for the system. This information comes from an MTV News Report that talked about the controller and how it would have four face buttons, an analog stick and a microphone. They article reads:

If everything goes according to plan, Microsoft’s response to Nintendo’s Wii will appear before the end of the year, a developer who has been briefed on the project told MTV News. The Xbox 360 manufacturer has been working on its own version of the motion-controlled Wii remote since last summer, the developer said.

The developer that MTV spoke with also sketched out a reproduction of the last prototype that he had seen which looks like this:

xbox wiimote clone

We’ve seen how successful the Wii has been, partially because of its controller and so it makes sense that Microsoft would want to introduce a new type of controller for the Xbox 360 that involved motion.  A blog entry over at talks about how this rumor is highly plausible.  The author said he knew that Microsoft was developing at least four different accessories (they’re money-makers) for the system that were to launch in 2008 and this controller could very likely be one of them. He also mentioned that in the past, Microsoft had job postings seeking someone who had experience with motion sensors.

Of course this is just a rumor so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously yet, however this does sound like something Microsoft would want to do and we wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it’s launched before the holiday season.