Vista Logo Rumors are now starting to float around that Microsoft has a project called Motion Desktop in store for those who purchase Windows Vista when it is released. Just like the name implies it will be some sort of animated desktop that will also allow for interactivity with the user.

There is a reason that I believe this is true and a reason that I don’t. Microsoft is pushing hard to get Vista to RTM (to the manufacturer) so that it will ship on time and I don’t think that they would try and throw in new features that are untested by the masses. That just sounds like something which will be doomed to fail no matter how simple the feature may be. It would sound more reasonable for this to be part of an add-on pack that users purchase to get other things like the 3-D screensavers…hey, that fish tank screensaver is a necessity!

The primary reason that I could see this being true is that Microsoft apparently removed the whole Active Desktop feature from Vista because of the Gadgets now being available. The desktop is the heart and soul of the computer so it would make sense for Microsoft to make it interactive and useful.

I’m sure we will find out within a month as Vista starts to make its way into the enterprise world. Some people have mentioned that this would be the coolest feature that Vista would have. I think it would be cool but definitely not the coolest thing.