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Microsoft Works 9 without ads

Many of us look down at Microsoft Works, and for good reason. It’s a stripped down office suite that doesn’t hold a candle to Microsoft Office or any of the open source/freeware alternatives. It costs PC manufacturers next to nothing to bundle Microsoft Works with new computers, and that’s often why it is included.

Unfortunately I don’t think it is going away anytime soon. As expected Microsoft has begun offering an ad-supported version called Works SE 9.0, where SE stands for Sponsored Edition. They believe that they can make more money by providing an ad-supported version than they currently receive directly from the manufacturers, and the manufacturers are therefore not charged a dime for distributing it.

Microsoft is currently running this program in five countries: The United States, France, Canada, Poland, and the United Kingdom. You can’t download Works SE 9.0 as a standalone program, but if you look close enough you might start to see which manufacturers have jumped on board. Even Sony’s $3,200 Laptop includes the ad-sponsored version:

Microsoft Works SE 9.0 w/ 60-Day Trial Version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for Microsoft. If they make enough money from it then we might see more of their products following a similar route in the future.

[via CNet]

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  1. Actually if they refresh the Windows 95-era icons in the individual apps and polish it up a bit more, then I feel it’s a rather powerful program that easily beats Google Docs, save for the connectivity and certain online advantages that Google Docs offers.

  2. I find it disgusting that high end Windows laptops stil lcome bundled with crapware, even when the manufacturer has NO financial incentive to bundle it, and every incentive (customer goodwill, good press) for not.

    (of course, I’m being charitable and assume that Sony does not in fact make money from the ads)

  3. True, I do think that half the problem is that it looks dated. But it also saves in odd file formats that are not very universally accepted, and that’s one of the other things that has always bugged me.

  4. MS Works came free, bundled with my computer as well as other useful applications. IMHO, it’s a pretty good program which could be used by elementary and high school students.

    It doesn’t hurt to get it for free with a few ads. As your needs grow, then you can later evolve into Word, PowerPoint, Excel or what have you.

  5. Omar Upegui wrote:
    MS Works came free, bundled with my computer as well as other useful applications. IMHO, it’s a pretty good program which could be used by elementary and high school students.

    I agree that it is good for beginners, but the file formats are not the traditional ones that people would expect. That means that they couldn’t take a paper they wrote to school and work on it unless they have Microsoft Works installed. Maybe Microsoft has changed that in one of the latest versions, but I know that was always a huge complaint.

  6. there is a very easy fix for this – take out BOTH works 9.0 se AND ms-office 60-day trial and replace them BOTH with – [] – is an open-source microsoft office alternative that is file format compatible and feature comparable with ms office w/0 any day limitations and NO sponsored ads like are in works 9.0se :twisted: :mrgreen:

  7. I must say iam very very very disappointed in the Microsoft Works program, it has been very very difficult to transfer files from .wps (works) and put it in, OpenOffice may support files but if your going touse theprogram use it straight at bat, dont try an transfer anything from Works, imscrewed now that i have alot written on my novel and now that i dont have the program i cant open and save as anythingelse….very upset

    • I am having the same problem, I have a lot typed into works and can’t get it to open on my desktop with open office or word perfect. Any suggestions I would like to know if there’s any way to move the files, I saved them on a thumb drive and can’t get them to my desk top..

  8. Is MS works 9 SE upgradeable to Office 2007 Standard?

  9. I bought a new gateway DX4840 desktop that includes microsoft works 9.0 se, my problem is that i used a previous version of works on my last desktop that worked fine for maintaining my video library with no problems printing in any format I choose, but now I can’t print double sided even tough the computer shows that i chose that option. Any help would be appreciate since Gateway won’t warrant their lousy version of works

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