Microsoft Zune Picture Leaked Gizmodo is definitely on top of things today because they were able to snag up this picture of Microsoft’s Zune media player from a tipster. The picture is in black & white because there are only 150 of these things floating around and each person has a different color. By removing the color it makes it much more difficult for Microsoft to figure out who leaked the photo.

Then they go on to report some of the features that it has. One of the most deceiving things is that scroll wheel actually doesn’t scroll! It is just four “arrow” buttons that were put in a circular design. The longer you hold one of the buttons down the faster the device will scroll. Pretty tricky!

Those headphones don’t look like anything special except that they are magnetic. That’s kinda useless but at least it will give the Zune salesman the ability to say “but does the iPod do this?!” 

You’ll also find an FM tuner and an FM transmitter in this bad boy. A nice feature for those people who want to tune in to a local radio station every now and then…or even broadcast your own (for a short distance). :)

So is this going to have a chance against the iPod? Microsoft is stepping into the game pretty late but if they can throw some impressive specs into the Zune it might have a fighting chance.