keyboard mistake Ten years is a long time to wait for a follow-up customer service call, wouldn’t you say? A few people are calling the following story a hoax, but there’s certainly the chance that it’s not. If it’s true, Microsoft recently made a follow-up call to see if a caller’s problem had been resolved, only it was 10 years late. A whole decade!

The story goes like this: Last week on January 8th, a man named Brian received a phone call at his parent’s house (where he no longer lives) from a Microsoft customer service rep who was calling to see if his problem had been resolved. Brian hadn’t called Microsoft’s customer service for quite some time and figured the 1-800 number that the caller left on the voicemail as the return number was a hoax and that it was some kind of scam. Eventually Brian did a reverse phone look-up only to find that the number did in fact belong to Microsoft.  So why were they calling him, and why was the call being made to his parent’s house where he no longer lived?

He sat there putting the pieces together and realized that back on January 7th, 1998, he had placed a call to Microsoft’s customer service.  This was during the time that he lived with his parents, and thus gave that number to them as contact information. They said they’d follow up with him in a day to see if his problem had been resolved.  Apparently when they went to enter the information into their database, they entered January 8, 2008 as the return call date instead of January 8, 1998. Given that the 9 and the 0 are right next to each other on the keyboard, it would be a simple mistake to enter 1/8/08 instead of 1/8/98.

As mentioned, a few people are calling this story a hoax.  Over at Brian’s site where he originally posted the story, a man commented saying he works for Microsoft’s Professional Support and he highly doubted that they’d leave a case open for that long. Others have pointed out that most people who have to enter in data use the number pad in which case the 0 and the 9 aren’t close together. Regardless, this is a fun story —  and if it’s true, at least we know Microsoft actually calls you back after you’ve placed a customer service phone call… even if it’s 10 years late!

Source: Consumerist