media center extender contest If you’ve got a video recording device and two minutes to spare, you could end up with a $10,000 Digital Home Makeover, courtesy of Microsoft. They started a contest  to help celebrate the availability of several new Extenders for Windows Media Center. There are thousands of people out there with all kinds of digital media on multiple devices that don’t interact with one another (many of you can probably relate) who could benefit from such a makeover. Microsoft thinks all digital media should be shared across devices and so one lucky winner will receive a Windows Media Center PC along with Extenders to create a “connected entertainment center.”

How to enter: Create a two-minute video explaining why you need the experts to come to your house and set you up with an entertainment system. What do you do with your media currently, and what do you wish that you could do?

What they’re looking for in a video: Enthusiasm, show your current system, and give a story that will appeal to other digital home entertainment users. Contestants must upload their video to

When the contest starts/ends: The contest started on March 21st, 2008 and runs until May 2, 2008, so you’ve got plenty of time to come up with something good.

At this point, we say that the Xbox 360 is still one of the best Media Center Extenders out there for the price, even though there is a whole selection of extenders available. One such extender (on the high-end) is the Niveus Media Extender which retails for a whopping $1,499! On the lower end is the Linksys DMA 2200 Media Center Extender which retails for around $300.

Unfortunately this contest is available only to those living in the United States. Oh, and don’t expect Microsoft to come in and remodel your home if you’re the winner. While reading the rules of the contest, I noticed the following statement: This prize does not include remodeling or redecorating the winner’s home to accommodate any new equipment awarded. It’s humorous the kinds of statements companies have to put into the rules of contests to protect themselves from lawsuits, isn’t it?

Source: Windows Vista Blog