Looking through photos can get boring very quickly. Microsoft Live Labs plans to revolutionize the way we view our photos by making them 3D. The software that they are designing is called Photosynth and it looks pretty amazing. It basically “assembles” multiple photos you have taken to try and reconstruct a 3D world that you can fly through. However, the real power of the software isn’t seen until you connect it with the world! When you are on vacation you probably take one or two photos of some buildings or landmarks. That probably won’t be enough to generate a large 3D place that you can move around but think about all of the other people that have taken similar photos to yours. If you put together everyone’s images for a particular place then the possibilities seem endless. The Microsoft Live Labs team is hoping to get a release to the public soon: “Photosynth is a technology preview of things to come but we want to give you the chance to try it out for yourself. The team is working around the clock to put the finishing touches on an experience that you’ll never forget.” I can’t wait to try this one out!