Microsoft recently added birds eye coverage of cities around the World to their Virtual Earth service.  More than 3.8 TB of information was added, and my home-town Chicago is one of them with great shots of Wrigley Field, Soldier Field (pictured below), and other great landmarks. (They’ve also created a collection of Landmarks in Chicago to help you get started with your tour).


You’ll also find great bird’s eye views of many European cities within the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the list goes on. The complete list of cities is here. The image below is the bird’s eye view of Exeter in the UK.


This was a pretty massive update (in size anyways!) and the bird’s eye views look great.

Along the same lines, Google Earth has been offering users interesting directions. For example, as Google Operating System points out, when you get directions from Standford,California to Stockholm, Sweeden, one of the instructions says “swim across the Atlantic Ocean”. It’s only 3,462 miles, you could do it, couldn’t you? :)