Microsoft's WGA System Phones Home

The latest update to Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), an anti-piracy program, is calling home to Microscoft every day. This latest update will contact Microsoft regarding the authenticity of your Window’s machine. If it is found to be pirated, they will deny you critical updates. Users that are running a pirated version of Windows will now be notified on their desktop without even having a web brower open.

Microsoft has implemented programs such as this to help reduce the amount of users operating a pirated version of Windows. Those who have unknowingly purchased a pirated version of Windows are eligible for a genuine free copy, just as long as they provide a proof of purchase and turn in their pirated copy.

This latest update has caused some to question whether or not this program should be considered spyware. I’m sure we will be hearing more about this in the future!

News Source:BetaNews