Microsoft's Zune Officially The iPod Competitor
It didn’t take long for Microsoft to fess up to the rumors that have been floating around for months but they finally admitted that they will be releasing a music player later this year. The plan is to release several different styles of music players all under the brand of Zune. The multiple styles are probably going to be designed to compete directly with Apple’s iPod products. There will probably be a small thin model like the iPod Nano as well as a “large” screen competitor for the iPod video.

The Zune (what a weird name, but I am sure iPod was weird at first too) will have some great features including built-in wireless, portable video, and interestingly enough portable gaming. It is hard enough to watch some videos on those small screens not to mention playing games on them! Can we expect to see World of Warcraft played on these things?

While Microsoft has pushed the Windows Vista and Office 2007 releases past the holiday season I can imagine that they will make sure these things are on the shelves for Christmas!

News Source: Reuters