To help cope with my addiction to Flash games I have been receiving several emails with sites to checkout that offer fun games. One of the better ones that I have been playing with is, and the great thing is that most of the games were unique (at least to me).

The one game that really got me going was Minefields 2204 (pictured above). You start off with a battle tank that you need to direct through an obstacle course full of other tanks and mines that are all there to blow you up…if you enter their line of sight. Using the tools available you’ll need to blow up some of the tanks and try to go around others. I highly recommend that you look at the very brief instructions before getting started so that you understand how the various items work.

The screenshot above was taken when I was on level 9, but one of my friends (thanks Mike) made it a little further by pointing out that blocks can be “reused” if you run your tank back over them. I would say that you can get up to level 9 rather quickly (less than 10 minutes) so here are the passwords for tail end of the levels in case you get frustrated and want to move on:

Level 09: KALU
Level 10: VAKA
Level 11: UA33
Level 12: M3LK
Level 13: SYS4
Level 14: BTB7
Level 15: DR66
Level 16: GAL3
Level 17: PS69
Level 18: 55BJ
Level 19: There is no level 19, 18 was the last one :(

Those aren’t exactly walkthroughs, which might be more helpful for some people, but we can say from experience that all of the levels are doable…despite what you might begin to think. After the last level was completed my friend had a score of 463,490!

Another great game that I found there was PaintBall. It isn’t exactly what you expect it to be…because I thought it would have paintball guns and it is far from that. The game is as easy as you decide to make it. You can draw direct paths to the destination, but it is much more fun if you try to minimize the number and size of lines that you draw.

I deleted the email before checking who sent this tip in, but I’m pretty sure it was CoryC. Thanks!