I can’t remember the last time Google added a new feature to the Personalized Homepage, actually, have they ever added a new feature? I’m not sure if this is something they are “rolling out” like new GMail features but I just noticed that I have a minimize button on all of my modules.

It is pretty nice because I am then willing to put a few extra modules on my homepage and keep them in the minimized state until I need them. I don’t like that the button is so close to the “X” (for deleting a module) because I have already clicked on that twice by accident. Luckily after you delete a module it gives you the option to “undo” it by providing a simple link at the top of the page. I would have liked it a little better if the minimize button was on the left side before the module’s title, but I guess I can’t get everything I want. :)

The other thing that happens every now and then are those recommendations for New Stuff (as seen in the screenshot). I’ve had that happen a few times and I am yet to see one that has been interesting enough to add. There should be an option to disable those notifications.