MinimoWe have been following the Minimo project for almost a year, and they have definitely made some progress. The last big release, however, was several months back and this has caused some people to think that the project is no longer active.

Minimo 0.2 brings a new look and feel to the table, and is definitely adding some competition to the mobile browser arena. The most recent release is a pretty drastic change over the old interface which can be seen in these screenshots:

Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo Minimo

As you can see the tabs closely resemble what you are already familiar with in the Firefox web browser, including the scroll buttons that appear after you have opened a large number of tabs. Mozilla actually hosts the Minimo project (which I think stands for Mini Mozilla), but as Doug Turner notesThis isn’t a Mozilla Corporation product.”

Anyone that has used a Pocket PC before will definitely be grateful that this browser is being developed. The Pocket Internet Explorer that is included with Windows Mobile is not very usable because the loading time for sites seems are painfully long and there is no tabbed interface. My favorite browser for Pocket PC’s is definitely Opera Mobile, but that costs money so Minimo is the perfect solution!

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Source: Doug Turner