Mission Impossible: Dell Support Dell’s customer service appears to be having some trouble keeping up with the battery recall. If you thought the service was bad before then this would be enough to make you buy another computer.

The Inquirer found out that Dell even setup a hotline just for the battery recall but the average wait time is still 30-minutes. Once you do get a representative you better hope that you don’t get disconnected because we all know that does “accidentally” happen. They are experiencing all of these delays and they have only received 90,000 orders out of the 4.1 million batteries that have been recalled.

Dell is saying that the better route to go is using the Dell Battery Program Site in order to request your new battery. The problem is that most people are probably going to their homepage looking for information and all they have on there is a small link towards the bottom. They are obviously trying to keep this as quiet as possible which also makes it more difficult for the customers.