MIT One Laptop Per Child

The most renowned laptop in the world right now is probably the $100 laptop developed by Nicholas Negroponte. You mean to tell me that you don’t own one yet? Well, no one does. They have however made a big step today by announcing that the manufacturer from Taiwan, Quanta, will be making these computers for them. They are currently the world’s largest manufacturer of notebook laptops so I am sure that they are a good solution for the job. If you haven’t heard much about the laptop then it is good you know the main jist of it.

The laptop is for a One Laptop Per Child initiative to help those in developing countries get a little boost on technology. It hasn’t officially been said whether there will be a version available for retail sales, but rumors are that they would like to make one to sell in retail stores for around $150. This overcost will help them provide these laptops at the nearly impossible $100 price. It is also energy friendly since it does have a crank that has to be turned to power it. The approximate ratio for power is 1 minute of turning will provide 10 minutes of power. The operating system on this beast will be Linux despite offers from Microsoft and Apple.

Want to order some in bulk? Current bulk orders are in the range of 5 to 15 MILLION laptops. Again, this is because their focus is on selling these to countries, and not stores!

I hope all goes well with the project just to prove Intel’s CEO wrong!

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