MIT's $100 Laptop Gets A Cosmetic Overhaul

Months ago we reported on the $100 laptop that is going to be sold around the world, and now they appear to be going away from the initial ‘green’ design that they once had in mind. The new colors that are being portrayed around the web are quite snazzy and shows that the designers have a fashionable side to them. While it does not look like the set of laptops above have the power crank that we all know and love, we are reassured that they are there even though they are not noticeable.

These laptops are going to be sold for $100 each as part of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) movement which was initiated by Nicholas Negroponte. The focus is going to be to get these in the hands of developing countries. They are also thinking about making these commercially available in the United States for around $150 to help offset some of the costs and to make the $100 price tag a reality.

News Source: Martin Varsavsky