If you use Gmail, you may or may not have noticed Web Clips at the top of your inbox.  Until recently even though I’ve been a user for quite some time, I hadn’t noticed it. Web Clips are news headlines, blog posts, RSS and Atom feeds, and relevant sponsored links found at the very top of your inbox. Below is a screenshot of my inbox which shows a Web Clip:

 gmail web clip

The thought to go check the web clips in my spam folder never even crossed my mind until today when I saw an article posted at the Official Gmail Blog titled “Del-eat your Spam.” Associate Product Marketing Manager Miriam Schneider who’s worked with the Gmail team for six months now explained her new discovery:

Even though I’ve worked on the Gmail team for about six months and have been a fan for years, I continue to notice new things in the product all the time. Like the other day, when out of curiosity, I checked out my spam folder to see what kind of bank scams or enlargement pills were being filtered from my innocent eyes, and I noticed something below the search box. Was that really a recipe for spicy SPAM kabobs?

It sure was a recipe for Spam Kabobs! As it turns out, members of the Gmail team decided that it didn’t make sense to show RSS feeds and sponsored ads in the Spam folder and so they decided to include some spam recipes to make use of the Web Clips feature. Check it out for yourself, there’s a whole slew of different recipes that include spam. Here are a few recipes I came across:

I’ve never even tried Spam before, but if you’re someone who eats it, and likes it for that matter, your Gmail Spam Folder is going to be more useful than you ever knew it could be!