Yesterday was a day of outages for MobileMe and Gmail. Apple’s MobileMe, which had a rocky introduction to begin with, saw a four and a half hour mail outage yesterday. MacRumors mentioned this outage yesterday but also took a look at MobileMe’s overall uptime which is about 96%. That’s not an impressive number when you put it into perspective. Over the last two weeks since Apple deemed MobileMe reliable, the service was down for 13.5 hours, or 6.75 hours per week. When you think of it that way, that’s too much downtime for a service that is responsible for doing so much. People usually expect uptime of about 99% or greater.

Gmail too had an outage yesterday. We don’t know the exact length of it, other than Google said it was a couple of hours in the afternoon. It’s not like Google to write a blog post about an outage, but in this situation they did. They said, “we feel your pain, and we’re sorry.” They went on to explain what happened, apparently there was an outage in their contacts system that prevented Gmail to load properly. On the blog post, they said, “We heard loud and clear today how much people care about their Gmail accounts. We followed all the emails to our support team and user group, we fielded phone calls from Google Apps customers and friends, and we saw the many Twitter posts.” They went on to say, “We never take for granted the commitment we’ve made to running an email service that you can count on.”

Maybe Google needs to start a blog just for outages? They’ve got so many different services that experience outages on occasion, and people like to know what’s going on. On their blog post about the outage yesterday they even said that they usually don’t write about problems like this on their blog, which they don’t. In this case they said they made an exception because so many people were impacted. It shouldn’t matter how many people were impacted because if you are someone that is experiencing an outage, you would like to know what’s going on. A blog just for those outages might be a good idea…