As though MobileMe users haven’t had enough issues do deal with since the service launched with outages, incorrect descriptions of the service, and more, and now many of those users are going phishing. What we mean by that is, hundreds of MobileMe users are getting caught up in a phishing scam that targets the service, and they are giving out their credit card information. Computerworld says that in one day alone, between 100 and 200 people got scammed already.

Recipients were receiving a message that of course, looked like it came from Apple, and it read:

Welcome. We were unable to process your most recent payment. Did you recently change your bank, phone number or credit card?

To ensure that your service is not interrupted, please update your billing information today by clicking here, After a few clicks, just verify the information you entered is correct.

Other than a comma that should have been a period after the word “here,” (often times phishing messages are plagued with spelling and grammar errors) the message looked legitimate.

If you receive a message like the one shown below, report it as a phishing attempt (if you don’t know how, read our Helpful Tip on how to do so).

mobileme phishing.png

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