Whether the next release of Flock is 0.8, 0.9, or they pass right on over to 1.0, people are anxiously waiting to get their hands on a new release. While we’re waiting for the next Milestone, a mock-up has been created of what we might be able to expect.  Remember, this is a Mock-up and just that.  It was probably quickly done using Photoshop, and there’s no saying that this is what the next release will really look like.

First things first, the next version will be based off of Firefox 2. This is great news for anybody using Flock or considering it, because now Flock will have all of those great things introduced with Firefox 2 like built-in spell check and session restore, just to name a few. To the left on the mock-up, you’ll notice the built-in feed reader (which the current Flock already has), and to the bottom you’ll notice all of your online images, and images from your friend’s accounts. This mock-up also includes a tabbed interface for your contacts, and note-taking in the bottom right corner. It also appears that they’ve broken away from the the norm by putting the search box below the address bar, although I’m sure that can be configured however you’d like it to be.

There ya have it, the next milestone mock-up of Flock! I remember reading that they wanted the next milestone out by the end of 2006. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but hopefully we’ll be seeing it soon!