Firefox 3 Mac

One of the goals of Firefox 3 is for the Mac version of the browser to feel like a real Mac application. Mozilla tried to show a little bit of love to the Mac fans in Firefox 2 by making it fit in a bit better, but all the Mac users I know are still running it with a Safari-like theme.

Mozilla is looking to resolve any and all of the Mac complaints that are currently out there with the upcoming Firefox 3, and one of the major areas they are looking to overhaul is the theme. There are a few different mockups pictured above that were attached to the bug report for the new theme. Now I’m not a Mac user, but I have to say that it looks pretty darn good…especially the search box.

I know that there was also talk of delivering a different theme for both Vista and XP, but I haven’t heard any updates on that. Trying to create several different high-quality themes for the browser is probably going to be a difficult task, and we’ll have to see whether it actually happens in time.