MojitiVideo sharing is an amazing phenomena and there are always new services popping up that leverage themselves off of the user-uploaded videos. The last thing that we need are more services to host the videos, but what about a service who’s goal is to make annotating and animating videos a little easier?

If you post a video to a site like YouTube it may be difficult for people to understand what your trying to demonstrate in the video. Mojiti will let you add captions, animations, and much more to help you convey the point that you’re trying to make.

Mojiti works with nearly every video site including YouTube, Veoh, Revver, Photobucket, MySpace, Metacafe, JibJab, Google, DailyMotion,, and Brightcove. For starters you just have to upload one of your movies to any of those services, and then provide the URL of the video to Mojiti. After that you can play around with adding various elements that the Mojiti site provides, which are demonstrated in this video:

It’s pretty neat that you don’t need to upload the video to their service because it gives you the opportunity to add things to videos that you didn’t even upload. Maybe we’ll start to see more videos popping up that have captions in multiple languages?

After you register you’re able to start adding things to the videos. Here are a bunch of screenshots of what their editor looks like:

Mojiti Mojiti Mojiti Mojiti Mojiti Mojiti

One thing that they were really smart for doing was making the editing easy. As you can see in the screenshots that I took above all of the editing is done from within the video player itself. That means you can actually add or change items in the video from the site you have embedded it on.

With all of the positive aspects of such a service, there is also one drawback that came to my mind. If you embed one of their videos (just like we did above) there is nothing stopping the author from modifying it later on. That means they could actually add inappropriate content without you even realizing it! I’m sure this is pretty rare right now as their service continues to grow, but if they ever reach the masses you might want to be careful what you embed.

Visit Mojiti and start having fun with some videos. For help on how to use the service please visit this page.

Thanks for the tip Chris!