Mojopac Last year we gave away some copies of Mojopac, and a lot of people seemed excited about the features the software offered. With Mojopac you can carry your own your own copy of Windows XP wherever you go, including any applications that you use.

Previously Mojopac ran you $50 to buy, but it can now be downloaded for free! That’s right, the new MojoPac Freedom was recently announced giving you the ability to carry your games, applications, and all of your operating system customizations with you on your iPod or USB drive.

How can they offer it for free? They still have a Deluxe version available for $50 but it hardly differs from the free version. The only added benefit that you really get is the technical support, but I have a feeling that their real money maker is in the Enterprise version. That has a lot of additional features consumers won’t really need, and by offering a free version for personal use they are more likely to get people to spread the word about their program. It’s kind of like how Microsoft offers Windows and Office to students at significantly reduced costs, because they know that if students are familiar with their products then they will carry that into the workplace.

Mojopac should work with almost all of your applications, but you can get a little reassurance by viewing a list of known programs that work with it. On the list you’ll see programs like Microsoft Office, World of Warcraft, iTunes, and dozens more.

Get Mojopac Freedom (Only works with Windows XP, Vista version is being tested)
Mojopac Video Demonstration
Source: jkOnTheRun