Monitor folder changes

Folder Monitor is a free Windows app that can track changes to folders you select. The types of changes include a file being created, changed, renamed, or deleted. When one of those events occur you can have a visual notification appear, a sound played, and a command line action taken.

Monitoring folders for changes is something that can be pretty useful, and is something I use regularly. Here is an example of how I use a program like this:

  1. I upload a text file to my Dropbox account remotely that contains the URL of a file I want to download.
  2. Folder Monitor notices that a file was added to the folder, and executes a custom script I have to download the file locally on my PC.
  3. The text file is automatically deleted from my Dropbox so that I know the script ran successfully.
  4. When I get home the file is on my computer and ready to go.

Using tools like Folder Monitor combined with Dropbox you can come up with some pretty clever things you can do remotely, and there are other reasons you may want to monitor a directory for changes. We’d love to hear about any ideas you come up with!

Folder Monitor Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)