Internet connections

If you’r worried that something may be going on behind-the-scenes on your computer TCPEye is an app that may put your mind at ease. It monitors all TCP and UDP ports on your computer for activity, and displays the information in a list like the one pictured above. Here is a quick rundown on what the app will tell you about each TCP or UDP connection on your machine:

  • Process Name
  • Full path of the process
  • Version information of the process (name, description, etc…)
  • Time the process was created
  • User that created the process
  • Country
  • Local/Remote addresses and port number
  • Protocol
  • Connection state

In the Options menu you’ll also find a Resolve Address feature that you may want to enable. Doing so will perform hostname lookups on each of the IP addresses which may be easier for you to read. That way instead of seeing an IP you may not recognize it will show as, for example, “” in the address field.

TCPEye Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)
Note: We recommend downloading this from Softpedia instead of, which the developer uses.