Chrome page monitor

Sometimes keeping track of website pages can be a pain. Maybe you want to monitor a certain section of a webpage, such as the price of an item on Amazon. Page Monitor for Google Chrome lets you do exactly that, and does so intelligently.

Using this extension you get a lot of control over any page. You can specify the interval you want it monitored at, which parts of the page you want tracked, and much more. It also ignores things like code changes so that you’re not frequently getting notified for things that don’t matter.

Here’s a rundown of the features:

  • Monitor any number of pages for changes
  • Add pages with two clicks
  • Visually select parts of a page to track
  • Smart comparison system that ignores ads and code changes
  • Highlighting of changes that happened to a page since the last check
  • Set separate check interval for each page
  • Set a sound alert when a page change is detected
  • Custom sound alerts
  • Desktop notifications
  • Import and export the monitored pages list

Page Monitor for Google Chrome