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Core Temp is an app that true geeks sill surely love. It really only does one thing, but does it very well: it reports on the temperature of your processor, and can even grab the temperature of each individual core. A list of the supported processors (current as of September 2010) can be found below, and if yours is on the list I’d say you’re in for a real treat.

When you go to download Core Temp you’ll see that it comes in a variety of flavors: an installer or standalone/portable 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It’s the additional reporting methods that really make the app shine. You can get a Vista/Windows 7 gadget (pictured in the screenshot above), a Windows Media Center add-on, a utility that graphs the processor temperature over time, and more.

I like that the developer offers these additional features as separate downloads because it keeps the main program light and efficient. Not only that, but version 1.0 is in the works and will make it easier for developers to tap into the information that Core Temp reports on. Basically, this free app will only get better.

Want to give it a whirl? Here’s a list of processors that Core Temp is able to provide temperature data on:

  • Supported AMD Processors:
    • All Phenom / Phenom II series.
    • All Athlon II series.
    • All Turion II series.
    • All Athlon64 series.
    • All Athlon64 X2 series.
    • All Athlon64 FX series.
    • All Turion64 series.
    • All Turion64 X2 series.
    • All Sempron series. (K8 and K10.5 based)
    • Single Core Opterons starting with SH-C0 revision and up. (K8 based)
    • All Dual Core Opteron series. (K8 based)
    • All Quad Core Opteron series. (K10 based)
    • All Hexa Core Opteron series. (K10.5 based)
    • All 12 Core Opteron series. (K10.5 based)
  • Supported Intel Processors:
    • Core i3, i5, i7 series.
    • Atom.
    • All Core Solo series.
    • All Core Duo series.
    • All Core 2 Duo series.
    • All Core 2 Quad series.
    • All Core 2 Extreme series.
    • All Celeron-M 400 and 500 series.
    • All Celeron E1000 and E3000 series.
    • All Pentium E2000, E2100, E2200, E5000, E6000 and E7000 series.
    • All Dual Core Low Voltage Xeons series (Yonah based. Untested).
    • All Xeon 3000, 3200, 3300, 5100, 5300, 5400, 5500, 5600, 6500, 7400, 7500 series.

Core Temp Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)