Compare registry

I’m sure you’ve come across a situation where you’ve wanted to track the changes that have been made to the Windows Registry because it can be nice to know the changes a program is making. That is where an app like Regshot comes in to play. Regshot will let you take a snapshot of the Windows Registry, give you time to make your changes, and then take another snapshot so that it can compare the two to find the differences.

When can this really be useful? I tend to use this the most to find and backup settings I make to programs so that a fresh Windows installation is a little less painful. With Regshot you can easily script out the registry changes so that the next time you install a program all of your custom settings are instantly available.

You can optionally save the registry snapshots to a file as well, which can help if you want to track changes over a longer length of time. You can even take the file to another machine if you wanted to compare the registry between two different computers, but the odds are pretty good that there will be an overwhelming number of differences between the two machines so it may not be as useful in that scenario as you might like.

Regshot Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)