Monitor Website Changes in Firefox Some sites still haven’t picked up on the importance of RSS feeds, or maybe you’re looking for an important release of a product and want to know as soon as it is available. It is difficult to get well-updated alerts for website changes, but there’s a new Firefox extension available that will take care of the problem for you.

It’s called Update Scanner, and here’s a list of the features it has:

  • Enable website monitoring by right-clicking on any page and selecting "Scan Page for Updates".
  • You can choose how often the website will be checked for changes, and whether to ignore minor updates. You can even have it ignore numerical changes, which is nice for blogs since updates to the number of comments on a post won’t be counted.
  • A notification window is displayed when website changes have been found. Clicking the blue up-arrow on the bottom status bar will show the Update Scanner sidebar. Web pages that have been updated are shown in bold with an arrow next to them.
  • Click any item to display the latest website changes. The new content is highlighted in yellow.

Prior to this I had used Page Update Checker to monitor website changes, but this one seems to be way more efficient and accurate. The best thing is that you don’t have to leave the sites open in tabs for this to work! This is way better than actually having to pay for a program to do essentially the same thing.

Get Update Scanner for Firefox