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Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on your computer performing certain tasks, or how often you run some of your applications? If so then you might want to checkout the newly released Slife 2.0. This is the first release of Slife that is completely free for users, and once you have it setup you’ll be able to see just how productive you actually are. It’s like having your own personal stalker.

What’s pretty cool with this is that you can create goals to help ensure you’re not wasting excessive amounts of time doing things that you shouldn’t be. For example, you can limit yourself to under 30-minutes of web browsing each day, and Slife will notify you once that limit has been reached. You won’t be locked out of a program or anything, but it will make sure you’re aware when you’ve gone past your goal.

They decided to start offering the application for free because they think they will be more successful by building subscription-based services around the program in the future. I’m guessing they are referring to things like tracking the work habits of employees.

There isn’t a Windows version available right now, but the team says that it’s on the way. If you go here you can grab the Mac version, and you can enter in your email address to be notified when the Windows version is released.

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