Monolith PC MythTV If you are looking for a great Media Center PC that will let you record your shows then the Monolith is for you. This pre-configured computer will come ready to run with MythTV already installed.

Just like your TiVo this system will record your shows but you can also go way beyond just that! If you’re getting ready to head off on a road trip then a couple clicks on the remote and you’ll have your TV shows burned on to a DVD.

You can tell that it looks similar to the Windows Media Center PC and it is…except better. The free MythTV runs on top of Ubuntu and will still do your music, videos, and pictures. If you are handy with Ubuntu then you could probably create your own machine, but the Monolith takes away all of the hassle of finding hardware that works great in Ubuntu.

Commercials, what commercials? Yep, the Monolith Media Center will automatically skip commercials for you so that the 1-hour show is now just 40-minutes long!

The base price is $649.99 which is a little high but you have to remember that there are no reoccurring monthly costs. If I upgraded the machine to a 400GB hard drive, DVD-RW, and Dual HDTV tuners the price jumped to $1075. That’s very high but it may be worth it for receiving a system that is ready to go out-of-the-box.

News Source: eHomeUpgrade