Allofmp3logoThere’s more bad news for today after an announcement was made that a man out of London who was selling vouchers that users could purchase to buy music from was arrested.  Thus far, the largest legal action that the RIAA has pursued was the filing of a 1.64 trillion dollar lawsuit (here and here).

While that lawsuit is a major move to try and shut the site down, it appears as though they’re taking smaller steps, like the arrest just mentioned, to win the battle. The way the vouchers work is that people would purchase them from auction sites like eBay, and then the money would be transferred to off-shore accounts that are operated by the site’s owners.

All of is certainly the biggest site of its kind, but it’s definitely not the only one.  If they take down, the RIAA will still have others to worry about. Those who were once loyal to AllofMP3 will just move on to the next service like the one I recently came across, MP3Search.RU.

As it stands, AllofMP3 is running out of ways that they are able to accept payment.  The voucher system that resulted in the arrest was one of the biggest ways in which was able to accept payment. With PayPal, Visa and Mastercard stepping away from the scene and not accepting payments anymore, eventually there won’t be many ways in which AllofMP3 will be able to operate.

Of course, is maintaining that they are operating legally in Russia and complying with Russian laws, but the RIAA says that they’re not, and that it’s illegal because artists and music labels receive no royalties for the music that is sold.

And so, the saga continues as the RIAA plans their next move…

Source: PC World (Thanks for the tip Cory!)