vista bomb Every time I write about the Vista Ultimate Extras it feels like I’m beating a dead horse, but for one reason or another there seems to be a lot of news surrounding the nearly non-existent add-ons. There is even more news regarding the Ultimate Extras today, but I don’t think you’re going to like what I have to tell you.


No, Microsoft is not ditching the Vista Ultimate Extras although at this point no one would really be able to tell the difference. Do you remember all of those language packs that Microsoft said was eating up so much of their time last year? They’re coming back to haunt the Vista Ultimate users once again. It turns out that most of the language packs are not going to be ready for the mid-March launch of Vista SP1. According to the Vista Blog users trying to install SP1 will receive this error message:

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 cannot be installed on your computer because the language of Windows Vista you have installed is not supported or you have installed a language pack that is not supported.

Windows Vista Service pack 1 can only be installed on computers running the English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish versions of Windows Vista or computers running only those language packs.

That’s just what we need. Now the Vista Ultimate Extras team (if such a team exists) will likely be tied up trying to get the language packs working again.


Microsoft has created yet another website to help promote Vista Ultimate called Not only does the site highlight the few Ultimate Extras that are available, but it also talks about “Ultimate Exclusives”:

Lastly and most importantly, will keep you up to date on Ultimate Extras – new and helpful features of Windows Vista Ultimate that we’re able to deliver directly to your PC using Windows Update. We’re also offering a new benefit to Ultimate customers on called Ultimate Exclusives. Ultimate Exclusives are one-of-a-kind offers that are not only available to Windows Vista Ultimate customers for free or discounted software, PC hardware, and services or access to industry events.

Microsoft has really let Ultimate users down with the lack of Extras that everyone was expecting, and now they’ve introduced something else? I’m speechless.

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