Business Week is reporting more dilemmas and trouble for an already struggling Dell.  There’s currently a federal investigation going on taking a look at their finances. As a result, their quarterly reports have yet to be released. We last wrote about the trouble at Dell with their massive battery recall, and the fact that dealing with Dell for this issue was frustrating and time consuming.  It appears as though the battery replacement issue is just one of many issues going on right now which are clouding Dell’s reputation.

Visit BusinessWeek Online if you’d like to read the full report into all of the financial details. Generally, investors are worried, and the pressure is on the executive team. They announced four new Dell PC’s today, one of them being a “business desktop” called the Optiplex 745 which is designed to help out businesses with the costs of energy that it takes to operate multiple computers.  Dell CEO Kevin Rollins says that

“This reduction in power is significant and reduces annual PC costs by $80 [per desktop], We recognize that energy consumption is and will be an emerging, critical requirement [in corporations].”

Prices will start at $899 for the Optiplex 745 and will run the Intel core 2 Duo E63000 chip which is designed to help save on power.

In reading some of the comments on the BusinessWeek article, it appears that some consumers are still struggling with both customer services issues as well as inconsistencies on their website with pricing. Dell does have a good chunk of the market with computer sales and with that on their side, they may be able to right themselves.

News Sources: BusinessWeek, and InternetNews

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