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Finding apps that make you more productive is always something that I look forward to, and DonationCoder is once again on top of that! Just a little while ago they started a Getting Organized Challenge to see what programmers could come up with.

My first thought was that this was going to be a roundup of existing programs, but instead they required that any submitted apps not be released prior to November 1, 2007. There are 10 programs in total, and all of them are offered completely free of charge. How can you beat that?

I think my favorite out of the bunch is Evaluweight (pictured above). It’s helpful when you’re wanting to compare, well, anything. All you have to do is specify the features you want in the left column, and assign an importance/weight to each of them. Then for each of the products you give them a score (out of 10), and the program will automagically calculate the overall score based upon all of the features. You can save all of the data to a file for easy retrieval, but what would have really been nifty is some sort of HTML export tool for people who post comparisons on websites.

Among the other programs are:

  • Interruptron – Helps monitor how much time you waste because of interruptions.
  • AnotherOneDone – Keeps track of how many tasks you have to do, and shows a progress bar displaying how many you’ve completed.
  • HowLong2It – Counts down to a date in the future, or even one in the past. If you specify a past event, such as a wedding anniversary, it will say how many days have passed since the anniversary.
  • Timer Assist – A timer that is designed to repeat at a specified interval.
  • Simple Multi-Alarm Utility – Create multiple alarms to alert you of upcoming events/tasks.
  • PlainTextWiki Toolkit – Lets you have wiki text support in several different text editors.
  • CFDButton – Provides more filetype filters in the Open file dialog box. You can also set your favorite directories so that they are just a click away.
  • MyHelp – A program where you can quickly store things that you often forget.
  • JRHourlyMarker – Adds hourly markers to mirc and xchat.

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