GooglephoneGoogle Phone rumors have been floating around the web for a while, and as expected, have caused quite the buzz.  Last we knew, the image to the right was said to be the Google phone. This image has been plastered all over the web and really hasn’t provided many details on what to expect.

The phone is said to be much like a Blackberry device, “running C++ at the core with an operating system bootstrap and optimized Java and that it will offer voice over Internet Protocol.” It has also been rumored to be a joint effort between Google and Samsung, and code-named Switch.

Now here’s what we know now: additional rumors are floating around that the image below is actually the Google Phone. Garett Rogers over at ZDNet posted this and found it from someone on the MobileBurn Forum who participates in paid surveys.  One of the surveys he took was reportedly over a Google Phone.



As Garett points out, the image is most certainly Photoshopped, and whether or not it’s legit is a whole other issue.  It does look pretty slick however with the concealed keyboard.  It’s simple, and slim, and the screen appears to be able to change from the portrait view to landscape view.According to details provided by the Forum poster, it will incorporate a variety of Google services like Gmail, Maps, and Blogger.

Keep in mind that these are all rumors, and nothing has been confirmed.  If I had to choose, the latest reported image has a better look than the previous image that was plastered all over the web.