Zune Launch
The rumors are buzzin’ like crazy now that Zune has been labeled the “iPod Killer” and we’ve received a few details about it. The specifics that remain unknown are all becoming rumors and now the rumors are flying about the launch date.

Betanews is claiming an October launch date while Engadget is rumoring a November 14th date. Either way, I’m sure we can expect it to be fully stocked on the shelves before the holiday rush if Microsoft has any intention of competing with the iPod. I think it’s safe to say that it will probably take years before Microsoft will truly be able to compete with Apple. If only the rumor about the iPod lasting for four years (really, it’s “for years”) was true, Microsoft may have had a chance to build the competition early on in the game.

In other rumored news about Microsoft’s portable entertainment devices, it is believed that there is an additional player that Microsoft is working on code named Pyxis. Betanews says it would be comparable to the iPod Nano in size and function but with added video support.

Just like the iPod relationship with iTunes, the Zune is rumored to be companioned with a service called Alexandria. Seriously, could they have thought of a better name? I don’t know about you but Alexandria just doesn’t flow like iPod does with iTunes.

So if the Zune is really expected to be launched in October/November, I anticipate Microsoft will be unveiling this “iPod Killer” shortly complete with all of the juicy details. Until then all rumors.