Yahoo Messenger

The new Yahoo! Messenger (with voice) in beta is designed to let users apply plugins. There were some available when the beta was first released, and now more have been added. They can be found in the Yahoo Application Gallery. Here’s a quick run down of the new plugins:

  • Yahoo! News: This plugin was made available when the beta was first released although it is listed as a new offer. Perhaps they spruced it up. It lets you browse categories and customize it to see only the news sources and RSS feeds that interest you.
  • Yahoo! Scribbler: It lets you scribble! Yahoo Scribbler allows you and a friend that you have sent a message to, collaborate and scribble on a white board. Additionally, you can upload a photo from Flickr and scribble all over it (add some facial hair, glasses, etc.).
  • iTunes Remote: You have to have iTunes installed for this one.
  • Yahoo! Sports GameChannel: For all the sports enthusiasts, this helps you keep up with Major League Baseball with live broadcasts, and live scores. Plus, it has capabilities to get play by play info, and player stats.

As a side note, the plugins work with the Windows version of Y! Messenger but not the mac version. Mac users will have to sit tight for now.