More SlashDot Redesigns -- This Round Is Much Better

There are some more redesigns posted for SlashDot and these are much better than the previous designs. There are a couple that really stand out to me and, in my opinion, would be great to see on SlashDot. Here is the list of designs:

  1. Design 1 – Has nice collapsible menus
  2. Design 2
  3. Design 3 – I think this is a bit much
  4. Design 4 – My personal favorite so far
  5. Design 5
  6. Design 6
  7. Design 7
  8. Design 8
  9. Design 9
  10. Design 10
  11. Design 11
  12. Design 12

I am actually surprised that there aren’t more ‘stunning’ designs, but I guess these people aren’t getting paid to create the SlashDot redesign (the winner does receive a laptop). I can’t wait to see some more of these because they are kinda fun to go through.

News Source: SlashDot Journal For Redesigns